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Puppies planned for summer 2014

 Puppies planned for summer 2014
Planned litter dam: LTJV-13 Mog Ur´s Mrs Snabb "Subré"
HD: A/AKnees: 0/0
Eyes: clear
Size: 43,5cm

Subré is a two years old female and she was born in Sweden. In her family there are a lot of great show dogs but also successful medium- size agility dogs that have been competing in a national team. There are also dogs that have done well in tracking(working trial champion), rallyobedience, obedience and hungarian herding test.

Subré is a very easy going girl and she works well in a normal daily basis she doesn’t stress out too easily.

Training with Subré is great, she gives her all and you can really see from her eyes that she loves what she is doing. She really wants to please her master, but she has very little soft, she doesn’t get offended easily, nor feel the pressure or lose her capacity to work. Subré has a great will to fight for her goals and a strong desire to play but at the same time she is also very greedy. It is very easy to reward her with threats and toys without her losing her interest. No matter what sports we have tried together she always got appreciation of how much energy and enthusiasm such a small dog can have in her. I guess you could say that she is very talented on everything.

More info: salla.vornanen@netti.fi

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